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511 EJC has been the anchor of Las Colinas' southern Urban Center for over 36 years. Las Colinas is an affluent area within the town of Irving, which is a significant suburb just minutes west of Dallas' familiar downtown area. 511 EJC boasts a uniquely modern layout for a building of its age, as the 164,000 square foot building rests on nearly 2 acres, encompassing the ample below-grade garage, Mandalay Canal, and a gorgeous view of a suburban lake.

Green space and tranquil surroundings set 511 EJC apart as an oasis during a renaissance of the city. 511 EJC is surrounded by large, open, undeveloped fields. This break from the surrounding buildings is visible from the most traveled freeway west of Dallas, which hosts nearly half a million commuters daily. The building is breathing new life into an overlooked but once prominent area as construction and commerce have grown exponentially to the north and south of the city.

Positioned at Las Colinas' famous retail district's fringe, 511 EJC has managed to find itself walking distance from modern living, bringing live-work-play to the suburban marketplace. The building's location is an amenity between the two most significant hubs of business in North Texas, three area airports, and public transportation.

Lush greens, a private parking garage, and LED lighting sprinkled around the property give the feeling of space, not nearly four decades old, but of one designed with modern tastes and sensibilities. World-class companies like McDonald's Corporation and the National Headquarters for Mothers Against Drunk Driving fill the floor plates at 511 EJC.

Customers can spend time in the technology-driven Parks Pantry, work out in the building utilizing the top-notch fitness center, or even take a quick walk with friends to enjoy one of the great bars and restaurants nearby. This seven-story, multi-tenant building has been a fixture in the area since 1983 and is newly recognized as a bastion of community, commerce, and convenience.

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